The Most Popular Dishes of 2020

What a great year it has been for MyIndianStove. I’ve had fun exploring the food of India as a whole, and Kerala and Goa in particular. It is fascinating to see what the readers of this website found most compelling.

There seems to be a mix of soup (sambar), a homemade liqueur, a lockdown favorite (naan), an Indo-Italian mashup (spaghetti bolognese), and showing up in two different versions: biryani!

I missed mentioning my Indianish carrot cake, so I can give it a special shout-out. If I may say so myself, it is made with a perfect blend of spices, making these tender treats a must-try.

I fervently wish for you and yours a great 2021. Here is to a sweet, healthy, and happy New Year! 

Happy cooking, baking, and eating!

~ Alonna