Curfew for Butter Chicken—Oh no!

What food would you break curfew for and travel 30 kilometers (18 miles)? In butter chicken news, Desiblitz a UK-based web magazine, reports that an Australian man, Noel Atkinson, broke curfew and traveled over 30 kilometers to satisfy his butter chicken craving. Sadly, it was no laughing matter when he was fined $1,652 Australian dollars ($1,183: US). Poor thing!

The restaurant, Desi Dhaba in Melbourne, did graciously gift him a year’s worth of butter chicken. They also took this marketing opportunity to promote their home delivery service: “Save $1,650 by staying home.”

It made me ponder what Indian food cravings I’d take that sort of risk for. I’ve certainly traveled many miles for a good meal but never had to worry about a curfew. As much as I love butter chicken I think I might risk a fine for Kerala beef curry. Especially if you threw in basmati rice, freshly baked naan, and samosa to start. And you?

Happy eating!

~ Alonna