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Here is your chance to get recipes for the top 20 dishes across India and around the world. Make a South Indian lentil soup flavored with coconut and mustard seeds. Or try a rich meat curry fragrant with fennel, cinnamon, and cloves. There are a couple of recipes for kitchen essentials: ghee and ginger garlic paste, plus lots of side dishes to star in—or round out—a meal.

And of course, there is always butter chicken. Who doesn’t like butter chicken? This Instant Pot version is quick enough for a major dinner upgrade on a weeknight. Are you entertaining and need something special? Make my chicken biryani. It is so delicious, you will want to make it again and again.

The book also includes links to my ten favorite Indian bloggers,  ten favorite Vloggers, plus six other blogs you’ll want to know about.

There is much more in the book’s 33 pages. Here’s a sample page:

Indian Chicken Korma Recipe from The 20 Favorite Dishes in India e-book
We have a page dedicated to the Top 20 Recipes here.

Cookbooks! I love them, have over 400, and below are my top favorites. These links, not affiliate links.

Happy cooking!

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