Vegetable Recipes

Spiced Crunchy Roasted Potatoes Served in a dish and garnished with coarse salt and a flurry of chopped cilantro.
Spiced Crunchy Roasted Potatoes
Crunchy roasted potatoes are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside and are the perfect side to whatever you are having. Add some satisfying zing to this favorite side.
Easy Coconut Green Beans - Served in a blue and white bowl garnished with large coconut chips and orange green small chilies.
Easy Coconut Green Beans
Sweet and nutty from coconut, these easy green beans are a tasty change from the usual veggie game. Use frozen beans and this dish is done in 20 minutes start to finish!
Sweet Corn Cakes - Stacked on a plate and garnished with minted yogurt, fresh cilantro, with a half a lime on the side.
Sweet Corn Cakes
Full of sweet corn, these yummy, crispy cakes are endlessly customizable. The perfect summer side, or make sweet corn cakes an easy meal for two. Many spicing and other veggie ideas too!
Roasted Smashed Potatoes Served with a simple raita and wedges of lime.
Roasted Smashed Potatoes
A potato dish to get you out of a rut! Crispy, crackly roasted smashed potatoes are an easy dinner pick-me-up. Add a few warming spices, and this can be an appetizer or a crave-able side.
Palak Paneer Served with a dusting of fresh cilantro with white cubes of paneer peaking out of the bright green sauce.
Palak Paneer ~ Homemade & Healthy
This bright green spinach curry is a favorite Indian recipe for good reason. Quick and easy enough for weeknight cooking, palak paneer will please even those spinach haters.
Aloo Masala (Kerala-Style) A beautiful bowl of aloo masala with popped mustard seeds and spluttered curry leaves.
Aloo Masala (Kerala Style)
Easy vegan aloo masala Kerala style is comforting and full of flavor. Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, AND vegan, this lovely potato curry ticks all the boxes and will make everyone so happy.
Cabbage Stir-Fry (Kerala Thoran) Served in a pretty red bowl garnished with fried curry leaves.
Cabbage Stir-Fry (Kerala Thoran)
Celebrating new popularity, our unappreciated cabbage stir-fry is perfect when infusing its healthy crunch with coconut and a few spices. Something simple, quick, and a welcome change for your weeknight dinners.
Roasted Eggplant Curry (Baingan Bharta) Beautiful redish orange eggplant curry in a square gold serving bowl garnished with a dusting fresh green cilantro
Roasted Eggplant Curry (Baingan Bharta)
Smoky and enlivened with cumin, garlic and ginger, eggplant curry is comfort in a bowl. Serve as an appetizer with some flatbread and your guests will be so happy.
Cauliflower Potato Curry (Aloo Gobi) -- vegetable curry in a large serving bowl with a flutter of cilantro
Cauliflower Potato Curry (Aloo Gobi)
Roasted cauliflower potato curry is a tantalizing twist to a weeknight standby, savory, sweet, and spicy all at once. Stuff samosas, top pizzas or dish up as a savory side.
Potato Masala (Curry) All dished up an garnished with fresh green chillies and cilantro.
Potato Masala (Curry)
This aromatic potato masala can be a pizza topping, a sandwich filling, a potato salad, or a memorable side dish. What can't you do with this curry?