Advanced Indian Pantry

Once you have gotten the basic dishes and ingredients under your belt, you may want to play around with recipes that have more unusual ingredients:

Spices — Beyond the Basics

    • Anise seed (saumf)
    • Asafetida (hing/heeng)
    • Carom (ajwain)
    • Cardamon, black (kali/bari/bati/big elaichi)
    • Chaat masala
    • Cumin, ground (jeera), you can always grind the whole cumin you have
    • Coriander, ground (dhania), you can always grind the whole coriander you have
    • Fennel seeds (saunf)
    • Fenugreek seeds (methi dana)
    • Mace (javitri)
    • Mango, dried powder (amchoor/amchur)
    • Nigella seeds, onion seeds, black cumin (kalonji)
    • Nutmeg (jaiphal)
    • Pomegranate seeds (Anardana)
    • Poppy seeds, white (shabdkosh)
    • Saffron (kesar)
    • Sesame seeds (safed til)
    • Star anise (chakra phool)

More Grains, Flours, Dried Deans & Lentils (dals, daals)

    • Bengal gram, split and skinless (chana dal dhuli)
    • Black chick peas (kala chana)
    • Brown lentils (sabut masoor ki dal)
    • Green gram, split, with and without skin (with skin: chilka, and without: moong dal dhuli)
    • Green gram, whole (sabut moong)
    • Black gram, whole (sabut urad/urid)
    • Kidney beans (rajma)
    • Red lentils, split (Masoor dal)
    • White chickpeas (chole/kabuli chana)

For a beautifully written and detailed guide to lentils, beans and pulses see Anushree Shetty’s Guide to Indian Pulses, on her blog Simmer to  Slimmer.

Well-Stocked Pantry

  • Canned mango pulp