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Indian Cooking Basics
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10 Things To Do With Leftover Curry - Pizza, pasta sauce, wraps, tacos, stuffed pasta and more!
10 Things To Do With Leftover Curry
Here are 10 ways to use your leftover curry. Think pizza, a pasta sauce, pizza topping, stuff some tacos, and more ideas.
Most Popular MyIndianStove Recipes of 2020
2020 Best of MyIndianStove
The most popular recipes of 2020 on MyIndianStove were 2 biryanis, a homemade liqueur, some cake, bread, and a spice mix.
Free Top 20 Indian Recipes eBook
Take a Look at Our eCookBook
Click the heading or picture above to view the actual book online. Flip through the pages, zoom in, and take a look!
Indianish Winter Cookies ~ 6 Indianish cookies perfect for the holidays
Indianish Winter Cookies
Here are 6 Indian spiced winter cookies that run from cardamom shortbread to spicy chocolate treats. Three of them are gluten-free, and all of them memorably delicious!
Indian Comfort Food - A gathering of 8 recipes that represent the world of Indian-spiced comfort food.
Indian Comfort Food
The world Indian comfort food offers so many options but here are my 8 favorite recipes with the flavors of India. Give yourself and your loved ones a big food hug.
10 Fall Quick Indian Recipes ~ A collection of quick sweet and savory recipes for the cooking weary. All with Indian flavors.
10 Fall Quick Indian Recipes
Here is a collection of quick Indian recipes perfect for fall and the kitchen weary. From delicious desserts to stir-fries, rice, and a juicy turkey burger. All with Indian flavors ~ simply delicious!
Curry Leaf Plant - A curry plant grown from a small seedling and now 3 feet high.
Curry Leaf Plant
Curry leaves add a mysterious aroma and flavor to Indian dals and stews, meats and vegetable masalas, pickles, and pakoras. Grow your own curry leaf plant!
Indian-ish Recipes for Fall - Six recipes for family favorites, ice cream, burgers and more!
Indian-ish Recipes for Fall
Treat yourself to summer's end indulgences. Ice cream, sloppy joe's, salad, and more. All touched with the vibrant flavors of India.
Australian man broke curfew and travels 30 kilometers for butter chicken.
Butter Chicken in the News!
Desiblitz, a UK-based web magazine, reports that an Australian man broke curfew and traveled over 30 kilometers to satisfy his butter chicken craving.
Indianish Recipes for Summer!
Indian-ish Recipes for Fourth of July
Delicious Fourth of July recipes that are family favorites with an Indian-ish twist. More flavor and healthier to boot. Happy 4th of July!
Best Indian Recipes Sources ~ Favorite cookbooks, blogs and vlogs for the best Indian recipes.
Best Indian Recipes Sources
Here is my list of favorite blogs, vlogs, and cookbooks to find the best Indian recipes. Also included are general-interest sources that has upped my cooking game. Yours?
Free Top 20 Indian Recipes eBook
Top 20 Indian Dishes eCookBook
Get our free Top 20 Dishes in India e-CookBook and cook from tried and true recipes. There are easy weeknight dishes and relaxing weekend kitchen projects. And all are vibrant and tempting!
Coconut Facts All about cooking and caking with coconut.
Coconut Facts
Coconut in all its forms adds richness and nutty sweetness to both sweet or savory dishes. Perfect with curries for meat, lentils or vegetables, or as a foundation for pudding, as in rice or chocolate, ice cream, custard, and panna cotta.
Top 10 Tips for Cooking Indian Food
Top 10 Tips for Cooking Indian Food
You too can cook Indian food! Here are my top 10 tips to learn to cook Indian food. These cooking tips are important for cooks at all levels.
Indian Food in America in 2020
Indian Food in America in 2020
It is time that Indian food in America gets it’s due. Here is to Madhur Jaffrey, the mother of Indian cuisine in America, whose dream is that Indian food will come into its own.
Food and Ingredient Substitutions
Food Substitutions
Here is a comprehensive list of food substitutions. Some can easily be swapped, and some can be made, so hopefully, we all can save a trip to the grocery store.
Top 20 Indian Recipes
Top 20 Indian Recipes
Here are the top 20 most popular dishes throughout India! They are some of the best Indian recipes, but I am sure everyone has an opinion about which foods this list should contain. I welcome any and all feedback!
Typical Indian Cooking & Meals
Typical Indian Cooking & Meals
Essential to a harmonious Indian meal is rice, or a flatbread and dal, a lentil stew. There may also be meat, chicken, seafood, or vegetable curries, a pickle (achar), pappad (a thin round “chip” made from chickpea flour and spices) and chutney.
Advanced Indian Pantry
Advanced Indian Pantry
Ingredients for an Indian cook who is making dishes beyond the basics. Stock your kitchen with rice, lentils, and Indian spices to cook your favorite dishes.
Indian Drinks
Indian Drinks
India’s formidably hot summers (March, April, and May) inspire many favorite drinks formulated to cool the mind and body. Here are some of the most popular drinks in India.
Indian Kitchen Fundamentals - Indian Kitchen Building Blocks: For those of you new to Indian cooking, I wanted to go over some of the fundamental ingredients, offer measurements, shortcuts, and options that will help you in the kitchen.
Indian Kitchen Fundamentals
Indian Kitchen Building Blocks: For those of you new to Indian cooking, I wanted to go over some of the fundamental ingredients, offer measurements, shortcuts, and options that will help you in the kitchen.
Assumptions I Avoid When Writing Indian Recipes
Assumptions I Avoid
When following many Indian recipes, I find that too many assumptions are made and I give detailed measurements, ingredients, and substitutions.
Let's Cook Indian!
Beginners Indian Pantry
This beginner's Indian pantry list will up your cooking game. Start with basic spices, lentils, rice, some canned tomatoes and you are ready to get cooking delicious Indian food!
Flavors of India
Flavors of India
Indian food is so good because of “the way flavors rub up against each other.” Influenced by Ayurveda each dish includes 6 elements of taste: bitter, heat, pungent, salty, sour, and sweet.
Welcome to My Indian Stove
Welcome to MyIndianStove
The world of Indian food is full of deliciousness: spicy, sweet, sour, hot, colorful, and textured. If you love Indian food I am here to help you get started. Once you absorb the rhythm of the steps, you will be making delicious dishes in no time.
My Indian Stove's Indian Food Glossary
Indian Food Glossary (Hindi to English)
This is an ever-growing Indian Food Glossary provided to the readers of MyIndianStove. It will continue to grow over time as we add recipes and articles. Did you know that in India there are 122 major languages? Hindi is by far the biggest (420+ million speakers), with English second, plus there are over 1500 other minor languages. So yes, an Indian food dictionary is helpful.
About Indian Food
About Indian Food
India’s exquisite cuisine is varied, full of flavor, balance and healthy. Read a quick overview learn a bit about this endlessly delicious food.