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Gluten-free Spiced Carrot Cake ~ A slice of cake topped with cream cheese frosting and littered with tri-colored candied carrot coins.
Gluten-free Spiced Carrot Cake
So light, moist, and flavorful you will never know this spiced carrot cake is gluten-free. It is perfectly spiced and a dessert of your dreams with its crown of cream cheese frosting.
Spiced Crunchy Roasted Potatoes Served in a dish and garnished with coarse salt and a flurry of chopped cilantro.
Spiced Crunchy Roasted Potatoes
Crunchy roasted potatoes are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside and are the perfect side to whatever you are having. Add some satisfying zing to this favorite side.
Indian-Spiced Kabab Recipe ~ Served burger sized in a soft fluffy bun smeared with green chutney, topped with a slice of tomato and chopped red onion.
Indian-Spiced Kabab Recipe
This easy kabab recipe is endlessly comforting and customizable. Perfect in small bites with tea or supersize them into a "burger" and have a satisfying weeknight meal.
Homemade Potato Roll Recipe - Two slider sided buns opened to show off their fluffy interiors.
Homemade Potato Roll Recipe
Here is your easy, soft, and fluffy potato roll recipe that makes a perfect slider, hamburger, or pao bun. Sub out the egg for yogurt to go eggless!
Indian Homemade Chorizo ~ Made into cute little sliders topped with a slaw, pickled red onions, and a drizzle of red and green chutneys.
Indian Homemade Chorizo
Goan chorizo or sausage is rightly famous for its spicy zing and can be eaten in so many ways. Make cute sliders, top your pizza, add to a frittata, and good any time of the day.
Glorious Chicken Mulligatawny Soup served with lemon slices, a bowl of rice, garnished with a drizzle of yogurt and a flutter of fresh cilantro.
Glorious Chicken Mulligatawny Soup
One of the most popular Indian dishes, chicken mulligatawny soup, is full of flavor, healthy, and easy to put together. Perfect as a make-ahead or freezer meal too!
Spicy Chocolate Cookies ~ Cookies baked and cooking on a rack, the chocolate all melty and dusted with a sprinkling of flaky salt.
Spicy Chocolate Cookies
Rich and chocolaty with cocoa and chocolate chips, these spicy chocolate cookies have just enough chili to add some fruity umami. Add extra for some heat if you want. So good!!
Rice Pancakes (Indian-style) ~ Three rice pancakes served with fruit salad and a flurry of mint leaves.
Rice Pancakes (Indian-style)
These lightly sweet, tender rice pancakes make a satisfying breakfast with some fruit or eggs, a welcome snack anytime, or eat them with a curry. Mix up the batter in 10 minutes, then give it a 2-hour rest.
Spaghetti & Curry Meatballs ~ Sauced pasta topped with meatballs garnished with a dusting of parmesan and chopped cilantro.
Spaghetti & Curry Meatballs 1
Spaghetti and meatballs Indian-style will change up your dinner routine. Vibrant with a few common spices, this is an exciting but comforting curry meatballs dinner.
Cardamom Cookies ~ Displayed side by side with a little bowl of candied rose petals.
Cardamom Cookies
Tender, crunchy, lightly sweet, and pretty as a picture, these cardamom cookies are the perfect companion with your tea or coffee break!
Pomegranate Cocktail or Mocktail Served in a long-stemmed wine glass with pomegraniate arils and a blood orange slice.
Pomegranate Cocktail or Mocktail
Are you looking for an easy mixed drink that can go cocktail or mocktail? This easy delicious pomegranate drink is the perfect holiday celebration in a glass.
Comforting Goan Dal ~ Served in a pretty light blue bowl garnished with sliced shallots, a dusting of ground Kashmiri dried red chilies, and a flurry of cilantro.
Comforting Goan Dal
Make this mild, comforting Goan dal, warmed with fennel, cumin, and coriander. Tamarind or lemon juice brightens this yellow dal curry and gives you a fresh look at lentil soup.
Tangy Tamarind Date Chutney Stored in a pretty tulip-shaped weck jar with a wooden lid and a side bowl of whole dates.
Tangy Tamarind Date Chutney
If you love Indian food you will want to make this sweet, spicy, tangy tamarind date chutney. It is surprisingly easy to make with just a few common spices.
Easy Curried Cauliflower Soup ~ Served up into two matching blue bowls garnished with a quick chili oil, a dusting of cilantro leaves and pretty roasted pieces of cauliflower.
Easy Curried Cauliflower Soup
Silky, warming, and oh so comforting, curried cauliflower soup is just the thing you need to make for dinner. Did I say healthy too? It is vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and even keto!
Comforting Chicken Saag Recipe ~ Served in a pretty square bowl garnished with drizzles of yogurt, an orange chili, and slices of shallot.
Comforting Chicken Saag Recipe
Change up your chicken dinner routine with this healthy, rich, and creamy chicken saag recipe. Even your pickiest eaters will love it, and it is a delicious way to feed veggies to your family.
Indianish Carrot Cupcakes Recipe Baked in pretty cupcake papers and frosting with swirls of cream cheese frosting.
Indianish Carrot Cupcakes Recipe
Here is a carrot cupcake recipe that is light, moist, and spiced with the warming flavors of cinnamon, cardamom, and fennel. Perfect for any ending of a meal or a tempting afternoon snack.
Indian Fish Curry (Recheado) Served on top of Goan rice and drizzled with reduced marinade.
Indian Fish Curry (Recheado)
Vibrant, fresh, and captivating, Indian fish curry has a green sauce that deliciously solves weeknight dinner doldrums. Use your favorite seafood and double the marinade so you can freeze extras for a rainy day!
Spiced Rice (Goa) Served with a wooden spoon and garnished with whole spices, green peas, and fresh chilies.
Spiced Rice (Goa)
A simple, mild, and perfect side to many dishes, Indian or not, Goan spiced rice can be made on the stovetop, rice cooker, or the Instant Pot. Instructions for all included!
Red Beef Curry (Goan) Served on a bed of basmati rice with fresh chillies and a flutter of fresh cilantro leaves.
Red Beef Curry (Goan)
Red beef curry is fragrant with warming spices, piquant from a bit of vinegar, rich and oh, so flavorful. Instructions for Instant Pot, slower cooker, and stove included!
Goan Chicken Biryani has been cooked, garnished with toasted cashews, crispy brown onions, and a show of cilantro.
Goan Chicken Biryani
This Indian beloved chicken and rice dish is redolent of the spices of Goa. There are steps to follow but do it in two stages if you prefer. But Goan chicken biryani is so worth it!